Tips on Filing a DePuy ASR Lawsuit

DePuy Hip LawsuitReasons to file a DePuy hip implant lawsuit

While many medical devices dramatically improve the lives of patients, some, including DePuy hip implants, come under scrutiny over concerns they do not perform as expected.
In August 2010, a worldwide recall of the DePuy ASR hip implant was issued, following a study from the National Joint Registry of England and Wales which revealed 1 in 8 patients with the recalled DePuy ASR hip implant had to have repeat surgery. Almost 150 DePuy lawsuits have been filed since the recall in August, and many more DePuy hip lawsuits are expected. Almost every DePuy hip lawsuit was filed by the recipient of DePuy hip replacements because of issues sustained as a result of the DePuy ASR hip implant’s early failure. Some are seeking damages for the medical bills and surgery costs they were forced to pay out for due to their DePuy hip replacement wearing down earlier than forecast.
In their DePuy hip lawsuit, many plaintiffs allege the device lasted a mere five years before they were forced to undergo repeat surgery, despite the fact that DePuy hip replacements were designed to function  at least 15 years.
DePuy lawsuits have also arisen over the risks of cobalt poisoning. The early decay of the metal-on-metal composition DePuy hip implants has in some cases resulted in a build-up of metal fragments in the bloodstream, leading to serious health conditions. Ignoring pain from a hip replacement implant could therefore have serious consequences for your health. But still there is something you can do for justice to triumph. Learn more about your legal options in initiating a DePuy ASR lawsuit.

DePuy hip implant lawyer can help you file a lawsuit

If you suspect any of the hip replacement failure symptoms, which include joint pain hip inflammation, walking troubles etc., consult your doctor immediately. Moreover, don’t keep silent and assert your rights via filing a Depuy lawsuit. Our personal injury law firm specializes in these cases and our DePuy hip implant lawyer can help you to get medical expenses coverage and compensation for pain and suffering. If you’d like to speak with one of our attorneys regarding your Depuy lawsuit, simply fill out the form on the right, and a Parker Waichman LLP DePuy hip implant lawyer will evaluate your case. They will be able to determine whether you are eligible to file a DePuy hip replacement lawsuit. If found eligible, our lawyers will do their best to see that you receive compensation for any damages you sustained to your health, and for any medical bills you were forced to pay as a result of DePuy hip replacement problems.